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Sending Data To Streetmaps

For Streetmaps To import your POI’s we would need you to create a XML page for us to access in the below format.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1" ?>
<results set="Always active"> 
       	<point cat_id="108" caption="my point" ref="" > 
       	    <xy  x="30.32334" y="-29.34562"/>  
       	    <area location="South Africa/Eastern Cape/Aberdeen" />
            <extradata ref="5" description="Family Rooms" data="3"/>
            <extradata ref="1" description="Star Grading" data="5" />
            <extradata ref="67" description="URL" data="" />

Results tag

  • Set (string) Your Unique key we use to group all your points together

Point tag

XY tag

  • x and y (float) The point on the map EG : x=30.32342 y=-29.3223 , you can get the GPS Coords from the main streetmaps site.
NB!! This tag or the Area tag must be entered

AREA tag

NB!! This tag or the XY tag must be entered

extradata tag

  • ref (int) our ref number for that data type
  • description (string) our description of the data type
  • data (string) Your data, regarding the Point.
  • you can have as many of these tags that discribes your POI as you need
  • A list of OUR data name and types can be found here