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Creating a Store Locator (Mobi)

Step1: Choose a Desired URL for the storelocator. Example ""
Step2: Choose an Icon image for the locator. The icon image is used on the main list of locators and will be used as default for your logo image.
Step3: Enter a Description Name for your locator.


Adding POI's to the Locator

On the Points page you are shown to Boxes.
On the left is a box of available POI's. By Default it will show you ONLY your Poi's.
The Box on the right shows the Poi's currently in the Locator.

By using the Search for Poi's above each relevant box you will be able to search for POI's you wish to Add to or Delete from the Locator.
By Ticking the "Search only my Poi's" checkbox you will narrow down the search to only the Poi's that are belonging to you.

You can add or remove POI's by clicking and Dragging them to the opposite box.
If you want to add ALL of the show Poi's over, simply click on the appropriate arrow in the middle.

Styling your Locator

By default (non paying) locators only have 2 options that can be changed.
The Description Name for the locator and the icon that is shown on the locator list.


For Paying customers the locator is greatly customizeable.

Quick rundown:
1. Description name is the same as mentioned above.
2. The Description name can be used as a Header for the locator.
3. Icon is the same as was mentioned above.
4. Logo image can be used as a header.
5. Header URL is used if you have a self made html page you want to use for the header
6. Footer URL is used if you have a self made html page you want to use for the footer
7. URL to own CSS is used for ADVANCED USERS. If u want the styling to be pulled from your own css file you can simply point to it.
8. Example of the required CSS is provided.
9. The Rest of the options are simple color changes. Simply click on the Box to choose the desired Color



Open To Public is to simple enable or disable having your locator in the public locator list