Dev: SM: V2 Municipality Districts API

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Using this tool you will be able to Municipality Districts from most locations in SA

URL Call

Six Arguments are passed via the URL which returns a json scripts

KEY (string) You Unique key must always be passed to the server
action (String) Leave this as 'Click' as this is the only option for now.
id (string) the Id for this lookup will always be D7EF82C5-9499-4D57-A5D0-0C0C70AA4806, Do not change this.
x and y (float) Coordinates of the Municipalityyou are looking for .. which u can retrieve from a map on click event or pass it directly to the URL call..
json (string) Callback function For JSON Requests. ( default is jscallback)

Results From JSON Call

Below is the JSCON data returned from the above search

JSONClick({"data":[{"id":"20ee34a7-dabf-48f2-ac34-8d28122ffa86","elementid":"3","name":"","description":"CBDC2 Metsweding District Municipality 82 "}]});

The Data is fairly self explanatory where the Results you are looking for is in the description tag.